Linking theory and practice

The Strathclyde MBA has action learning and critical thinking at its heart, with an emphasis on linking theory and practice at all times. Not only are our academics internationally recognised for their research (as demonstrated in the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise), they can be found working with the top executives of private and public sector organisations such as World Bank, Shell, Bombardier, RBS, National Australia Banking group, Thales, Babcock International Group, William Grant & Sons and a host of well known organisations. That experience enables them to share their insights with you.

We recruit highly motivated, experienced individuals who want to get the utmost from an intensive and rigorous programme and we create opportunities for them to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in practical settings. That’s why, this year, for example, we brought in the management team of a newspaper group to work on a strategy initiative with our full-time MBA class; the CFO of Orient Express to host an investor role play session; and through our Strategic Consulting in Practice class we put you into an intensive consulting exercise with your own client.

Integrating functional knowledge

The Strathclyde MBA emphasises the integration of functional specialist areas through our understanding of strategic management. We were recently rated 3rd in the world in the Financial Times rankings for strategic management. Such integration is fundamental for an ambitious manager as he or she works towards achieving their personal and career goals.

Added value

It’s not just about what we offer; it is also about what your class-mates offer in the educational process. Our students are innovative and purposeful – last year Strathclyde became the first European chapter of the MBA Oath thanks to the enterprise of one of our students, and this year our students are adding value to their MBA experience through initiatives such as the setting up of a venture capital/business angel competition, acting as advisors to business start-ups who have little management experience as well as participating in global MBA competitions.

Throughout your time on the Strathclyde MBA we aim to hone your individual skills and potential through initiatives such as personal development plans where you make your personal, educational and career objectives clear and monitor your progress towards achieving those goals. In addition, you can tailor your MBA with your choice from our wide range of electives and your MBA project can be your personal choice to suit your own personal and career aspirations. Due to our extensive corporate networks and alumni we have many requests from them for our students to undertake projects with them. These approaches are supported throughout the year by activities such as project methodology, project management, personal counselling and coaching, preparation for the first post-MBA job including interview techniques and mock interviews, preparing for corporate assessment and undertaking a mock assessment centre session.

In summary, we aim to provide you with a wide-range of support for your personal development.