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Choosing the right MBA programme is a lengthy enough process in itself, but once you’ve chosen which MBA you want, you need to then go through the application and admissions process.

Most Business Schools now will have solely online applications (see our online MBA application) and will follow a fairly similar format. You will need to submit your basic contact details; information about your education and employment, reference details, the opportunity to upload your qualifications (no School swimming/tennis certificates please!). You may have to upload GMAT and IELTS/TOEFL qualifications and more than likely, there will be essay questions.

The SBS MBA essay questions shouldn’t be rushed (because we really do read them all!) and they are an important part of showing us that you might be ready for an MBA and allowing you to demonstrate that you have considered the investment fully. Once of ouressay questions focuses specifically on an issue that you will have experienced in your working life, so an essay which is vague and unspecific, full of buzz-words and management speak just won’t cut it. They will often be discussed to at the interview stage so you will want to be able to expand upon what you learnt from that experience too.

We also want to see a detailed CV/resume where your roles and responsiblities along with career progression are clear to understand. If we can’t work out what you’ve done, then how can a future employer?

If your application has passed this stage then you may be invited to interview. Given the international nature of MBA recruitment, its not always possible to do this face to face so telephone or Skype will more likely be the mode of interview. At Strathclyde Business School our interview are generally held by either members of the recruitment team, senior academics or course directors. Whilst this is a chance for us to see how suited you are to our MBA, its also a chance for you to ask questions too (as you would in a job interview) – so be prepared.

An interesting overview here on TopMBA.com about application success. Good Luck!