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So, our current students are at the point in their year where their final projects will be finalised (within the next couple of weeks) and the project is the real capstone element of the Strathclyde MBA.

The project gives students the opportunity to examine in depth a particular managerial, organisational or environmental issue. The design of the MBA project enables students to put into practice the knowledge and skills which have been developed throughout the MBA programme and our programme team here assist, where possible, in identifying appropriate organisations to undertake their project with.  The final project report is normally between 13,000 – 16,000 words and naturally the types of projects and companies available vary year on year.

The types of projects and issues to be tackled this year include: Pricing Strategy/Yield Management, Logistics and Supply Chain, Change Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Market Entry Strategy, Brand Management, IT Strategy, Data Security/Fraud Prevention, New Corporate Culture and Vision. Strategy Development, Marketing/Income Generation, Social Media/Strategic Change Management, Operations/CRM Strategy, International Web Marketing Strategy & Social Media and Global Resolution Strategy. These are across a broad spectrum of industries including Banking and Insurance, Tourism, Art & Culture, Education & Training, Energy, Retail, Media, Sports Leisure and NGOs.