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Here, Christine Reid, Learning Resources Manager for the MBA programme, tells us about the Strategic Consulting in Practice (SCIP) module, the live consulting project, which took place over the last week:

“Last week the full time MBA undertook the ‘Strategic Consulting in Practice’ module.  This module sees the students applying the strategy related tools, frameworks and approaches that they have covered in the MBA programme to date to address a real strategic issue for a live client.  Strategic challenges worked on last week were posed by Polaroid Eyewear; Klik 2 Learn and INEOS.

SCiP aims to provide a ‘safe’ but real opportunity through which students are able to gain some ‘hands-on’ experience.  They are asked to act as a team employed by a management consultancy organisation.  The boss of the consultancy has agreed that they will carry out a small piece of (unpaid) work for a client, with the aim of demonstrating the Consultancy’s competence, integrity and value, and, hence, securing contracts for significant work in the future.

Each client is interested in the strategic implications of a particular issue for their organisation; in particular, for the aspect of the organisation for which they are responsible.  They may not, at this stage, be certain of how seriously they need to take the issue in their own context, or be entirely clear about its nature, but they are keen to know more about it.

Teams have to make a verbal presentation to their client at the end of their preliminary study.  The aim for this presentation is to provide some insight into the issue for the client and, where relevant, to demonstrate that the issue is (or is not), one which the client needs to take seriously.  Students are therefore asked to imagine that chances to gain further contracts with the client hinges, to a very large extent, on both the content and the professionalism of their presentation; i.e., on their ability to make a convincing case.

This was a busy and demanding week with all clients being pleased with the insights presented to them and being eager to be involved in the future.

Over the last few months, MBAs in the different centres have also been doing this module.  Issues explored have included a market penetration strategy for a speciality glazing company; how a telecommunications company can create and exploit new value and opportunities; diversification strategies for a company in the energy field; strategies for addressing the Singaporean talent crunch; the potential of social media for a young design agency. ”

SCIP represents the end of the core taught part of the MBA programme with electives and the MBA project the remaining elements of the course. Projects are being finalised currently and electives will be running over the next few weeks.