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I would like to kick start my blog by answering the most important question in every MBA aspirant’s mind as to “Why MBA and Why Strathclyde”.

To begin my writing, let me first introduce myself!

I am Anusha Vaidyanathan, pursuing my MBA at Strathclyde Business School. I graduated from one of the top Engineering Colleges in Chennai, India by 2007. Then joined TCS and worked with them for 4 years for Finance and Retail sectors. Though, I liked my job as a Team Lead, my sub-conscious mind felt heavy with some unfulfilled wish!

Yes, MBA! But you must be wondering why MBA and not any other course. I had a great passion for MBA since my junior college. It was considered as one of the prestigious degree and was honoured throughout the globe. Apart from these reasons, I personally felt MBA would build my personality and confidence in business arena thus making me a strong contestant in this competing world. This thought of MBA kept haunting within me and finally after 4 years, I am here at Strathclyde doing my MBA.

When I decided to do my MBA, I had decided that I needed international exposure and experience. Also, I wanted a one year MBA, so that I learn at a faster and smarter. So, I started researching top tier universities with one year MBA. It is known that “UK is a country with born Managers”. This formed one of the strong bases for UK MBA; created a mental map around me with a list of top universities in UK. I had shortlisted 4 top-tiered universities and applied for all of them. Fortunately or unfortunately, I got admit for 3 universities and was in a dilemma to choose between them!

Time to analyse pros and cons of every university; then I joined a number of forums and blogs to understand the culture, teaching methods, standards, career development, value for money and much more factors for every university. Initially, I was a little sceptical as many when I saw that Strathclyde was declining in its FT rankings, but it constantly kept improving itself in its European rankings and value for money criteria. Many alumni kept reiterating the fact that, Strathclyde is the best for Strategy and best international value for time and money with its profound professors. In addition, the average age of students in Strathclyde is around 30 every year, which scores it higher than many other universities in terms of experience and diversity. Ultimately, Learning and Sharing forms the motto of Strathclyde, which inspired me further to join them!

Considering these facts, I am now proud to be a part of Strathclyde MBA Challum (2011-2012) batch! For these 9 months it has been an amazing experience, as a ride on a roller-coaster thrilled with fun and excitement!