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The ‘Bluesky’ event was the most fun and thrilling event of the MBA year!

Bluesky Experiences’ is a beautiful drive into the lush green countryside of Scotland. The moment I stepped out of the bus I could only breathe fresh and clean air of the calm and serene natural setting.

The whole day at the bluesky experiences was so eventful that time just flew by. Throwing big sledgehammers as far as possible, aiming wellington boots into tyres just big enough for them to land in, tossing heavy wood blocks as far up behind us, relay racing with weights in both hands, and the tug of war were some of the very exciting outdoor team activities which kept us on our toes the whole morning. We were so hungry by noon that even having lunch was a very exciting activity – it was hard earned 🙂

In the afternoon we had some awesome high adrenalin adventure sports – archery and shooting were so much more fun as the instructor actually taught us how to shoot like experts; driving blindfolded was so hilarious, fun and funny that we totally lost it laughing; and finally we had the quad biking safari which was undoubtedly the climax of the day – we drove the quad bikes into water, up the hill, around steep curves, into rough jungles and down steep slopes – simply amazing and thrilling.

I got so involved in most activities that I totally forgot I had a camera! Though I couldn’t capture most of those moments on lens, I certainly did capture them all at heart!