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So if you are choosing Strathclyde for your MBA, there a number of things you get to look forward to.  Whilst I will go into a number of these in later blog entries, I thought it would be worthwhile talking about one of the larger influences on me: my colleagues within the MBA programme.

Lawyers, chartered accountants, engineers, merchant mariners, majors, lieutenants, architects, wealth managers, aircraft engineers, entrepreneurs, brand managers, IT I don’t know what’s, CSR auditors, investment bankers  … the list goes on and on and on. To this day I am still left speechless at the wealth of knowledge amongst my peers. And I often think to myself that the knowledge and capabilities within the 60 MBA students whom I worked with on a daily basis was that of a FTSE 100 company. We have Mexican, Indian, Turkish, Bangladeshi, Indonesian, Malaysian, Canadian, French, Kazakh, Azebaijani, Thai, British and South African (have I forgotten any?) colleagues. So a multinational FTSE100 at that!

Beyond the wealth of knowledge and abilities, are the connections and friendships that I will maintain for the remainder of my life. Although it has been work intensive, we’ve had a number of opportunities to socialize, ranging from our football and cricket meet-ups and nights on the town (although I have still yet to get to the Bollywood night which I am dying to do!). Faculty/Ema organized great events such as the Burns Night and West Brewery function and we have a couple of Balls which we’ve yet to attend. The list goes on.

Writing this blog now, nine months after the MBA began, it is apparent, that I have a stronger emotional attachment to the University and my colleagues.  A sense of deep pride and belonging has snuck in somewhere. Especially now that the core modules have finished, and we are in elective/project territory where we don’t get to see much of each other in the school. I miss the classes, I miss the interaction, but most of all I miss my colleagues and friends.

So to you:

‘Ting?, Chinamouli, Amit J+B, Raghav, Manoj P+S,  Saurabh, Anusha, believe me Subrajit, Kat, Prateek K+J, dancing Tabriz, Giuseppe, Sandranese, Yangjin, Anyang Jihoon, Zafario, Yasemin ©, Anuj brother from another mother, Bindiya, Sid, Daddy Sebastian, Prathemesh, Biranchi pagalguy!, Champagne Sachin, elegant Gade, ‘Appy Nash, Jen, morally Mehjabee, Saleel, Phoeniss Sally, Soo Adidas, Ragu click, Caroline shhh, WikiSuds, I am going swimming Girish, Rashmi, Sonal, Coco Chanel, no beer Samir, Deepak, Ankit, Bobby, Gaurav, Neha, Birthdayless Alex, Suchi, Tata Jay, Aidos, its cheaper to fly ryanair Ema, Jiten, Archana, MJ & in the gym Justin”

Hopefully we are not at the end, but just at the beginning.

So, as a prospective MBA, what can you expect from you and your colleagues? Well expect new friendships, business opportunities, rather insane actual business plans (this weeks is buying a struggling UK football club), fun nights out, trips across the UK, MBA competitions, electives in France, a lack of sleep, Scottish cèilidh dancing and countless other things.

Peace! James.

Below photos include Cricket, Football & West Beer Outings.  Additionally a class photo taken with my phone! So apologies for a lack of clarity!