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On September 17th, 2011, I reached Glasgow! My initial reaction was OMG, because of the climate. Well, for people joining this year and MBA aspirants do not under-estimate Scotland, it is really cold in here. So, when you land, be prepared and have your jackets ready. As, I had already enquired alumni and other friends, I had my winter clothing ready.

September 19th 2011 – First day of my MBA at University of Strathclyde. It was pretty exciting; all new faces and new place to begin a new path. We were named “Challum” and there were 58 determined MBA students. I was more apprehensive when I found that there were around 40 students elder than me and had vast experience; this made me prepare myself for the next 12 months to strive harder and put lot of extra efforts to perform better. So, motivation and courage is my first take away for a successful career.

We started our course with “The Learning Manager” the first week and “CPD1” the second week. The Learning Manager is about understanding personal strengths and weaknesses; reflecting on our thoughts and behaviour; understanding management theories; and adapting theory to practice. This course as the first one had a number of group activities and team building exercises as an ice-breaker. On the otherhand, CPD was about career development. Right from the beginning, Strathclyde triggers students to think on their career and future opportunities. There are 5 CPD sessions where in each; you will learn about grooming, best practices to be followed, career opportunities, crafting CV and cover Letter and importance of personality.

These courses, right at the beginning, facilitated us to interact with one another and understand ourselves better. These courses were motivators or boosters for new joiners to explore more about ourselves.

September 25th 2011 – Students plan for a trip to Loch Lomond!

As a matter of fact, Scotland is a beautiful place. So, being in Glasgow, we started our expedition to start our journey from Loch Lomond. Around 25-30 students gathered and we started from High Street Station to our destination. OMG, Loch Lomond was truly amazing and a fantastic tourist destination! We had fun and got to know each other better! Thus, September was a good start for my new life in Scotland!

Wait for the fun in October – My next blog!