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Social media has always been my passion. Being a casual blogger and having tried my hand at internet marketing (web 1.0 stuff) I have always believed that social media is the biggest revolution since the invention of the engine. It was fascinating to me to meet up with many others, including the professor, Dr. Jim Hammil who shared the same views about social media.

This is the first ever course on Social Media in Strathclyde and I am proud to have been a part of the group that experienced it first-hand. I would echo Dr. Jim’s statement that social media should not be an elective but the very first module that we experience in our MBA. This actually gives each of us time to build our own personal brands and that comes in handy during the later stages of the MBA where we need to establish contacts for job hunting.

The elective was spread over three working days and involved a mixture of presentations and group work. The diversity of the class was excellent, we had Mexicans, Americans, Bahrainis, Emiratis, Indians and British folks. This was one of the few modules where there was a definite advantage being in the younger half of the class due to the exposure to the internet at our formative ages.

There were a number of techniques that Jim taught us about using social media effectively. This included evaluating the effectiveness of social media marketing that major brands do, providing suggestions to improve the social media presence of those brands, methods to tidy up their social media channels and devising a social media strategy to companies that want to improve their online presence. We had taken Manchester City Football Club as our case study – You have the full report here!

On a personal note, this elective was a breakthrough moment in my MBA because my post MBA business idea is revolved around what I learnt in Dr. Hammil’s class. Of course, there is still work to be done and miles to go, but the first step is the hardest and I am glad I had a teacher who opened the door for me to walk through!


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