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My last blog was on fun at Loch Lomond and I had promised that you would be witnessing fun during the rest of the course too. Well, the first semester is considered the toughest with rough road following the next 2 months.

So, we started our first course, EIBE (Exploring The International Business Environment) in October, which is Strathclyde MBA’s core subject involving 100% group work and minimum 16 hours work per day! This subject gives amazing insight on Strategy and Scenario Planning based on analysis of external and internal environment. The Scenario Planning tool, predicts the future possible scenarios. Though, it sounds like greek and latin here; trust me, it was one of the most interesting and best course, because every strategy and real-time scenarios deals with clients, who love to witness the possible future scenarios.

Following EIBE, we had ASDM, Operations and Marketing subjects. ASDM is an analytical course based on numbers, whereas Operations and Marketing were based on industry need and experience. There is a definite rejoice after EIBE, where you can chill and experience the first snow by the mid-October. By the end of October and November, Glasgow’s streets and roads would be covered with sheets of ice and snow :). One would witness a ‘White Scotland’, with snowflakes everywhere!

However, one drawback during the first semester is that the day ends at 2-3 PM and from then, it is dark throughout the evening and night. Glasgow will be experiencing short daylight and long night hours. Studying and writing first semester exams during this period is a key challenge for students. But what MBA teaches us is to manage and sustain every situation and tough paths as an efficient Planner and Manager.

Though, there are prickly paths during the first semester, it is supposed to be one of the best learning phases of MBA. So, enjoy your learning, manage your time and work and thus have fun with Scotland’s winter!