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Am on the train from Glasgow to Manchester. It is the first minute I got for myself after what has been a really hectic month. Its time to say goodbye to Glasgow and to the place where I mathematically spent more than my home – SBS.

Here is a small recap on the courses that I went through in the university.  I would like to take it two at a time in order for this post to be ‘reasonably short’. These are my opinions, and sometimes I differ from my classmates and their preferences.

EIBE – Exploring the International Business Environment:

True, they said that EIBE would be tough. But I relished the experience. The rigour required to complete this course actually helped us to get a hold on our egos previously bloated by our work experience and accolades.

It was also the first time I got introduced to referencing articles and this to me was the biggest challenge.

My tip for EIBE: There will be moments when one faces a ‘blind spot’ when it comes to taking research in a particular direction. It is during these instances that the support of teammates is absolutely critical. The sooner you gel as a team, the better the end product will be.

ASDM- Analytical support for Decision Making:

Math, statistics, graphs, interpretation…… This course will be either a cake walk or a nightmare depending on your familiarity with the subjects. Fortunately I was of the former category and hence breezed through this course.

My tip for ASDM: Just remember that it is not because of inability but unfamiliarity that some of your peers might struggle in this subject. Please keep this in mind before judging them. From my experience, all the initial assumptions I had on my peers were biased and had no relevance with their true self/nature of work.

………..More to follow


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