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My MBA year was a journey of enlightenment – I feel professionally, academically and personally transformed.

The University of Strathclyde Business School is a huge reservoir of knowledge and value – a place of useful learning indeed! All you need is the will to learn.
Always remember, in order to make the most of the precious time you spend here (every moment of it), it is not about what you bring with you from your past but about how flexible and open to learning you were during the year. At the most basic level if you could learn to learn – learning would be a lifelong process, truly rewarding!

Don’t be afraid to throw yourself in unknown waters, challenge yourself, and you would be delighted to know what you are truly capable of – one of our teachers very rightly said “this is a safe place to fail”, which is of course the prelude to major success!

The Strathclyde MBA is well illustrated in the MBA ‘Program Syllabus’ section of the website: http://www.strath.ac.uk/mba/syllabus/ . Every component of this ‘triangle’ and the way it builds up from the grassroot level to it’s apex, significantly contributes to a powerful MBA mind; this ‘triangle’ makes perfect sense when one reaches the ‘strategic consulting in practice'(SCIP) module. SCIP (popularly pronounced as skip) is a great opportunity for us to churn our MBA knowledge into live consultations sparking off impressive solutions for the client (a real company seeking advice for a real problem) – the harder you work over the year, the better equipped you are here!

Personal reflection is a very critical component of almost every module – take it seriously! Though you may forget concepts and theories with time, reflections are what you’ve imbibed and digested in your mind for the long term.

Electives are many – spend quality time in choosing and hence balancing between your interests and the value added.

Finally, the MBA project – your final and ultimate chance to prove you mean business! This is undoubtedly the climax of the MBA, a very challenging and testing phase. It is during the project that I revised a lot of concepts and theories and probed them to great depths, bringing academics alive – the ‘AHA!’ moments (very fulfilling indeed!). Though the project time span is very stressful and demanding, the end product is such a delight! – especially with all the help and support the school provides.

So much happens over the year that it is impossible to summarize it all in a single post – this is just an abstract. And yes, taking regular breaks and having fun is an absolute must! synonymous to a doctors prescription – if you get unwell, you’re on your own soldier 🙂

I wish you all an enriching, stimulating and superfast 12 months at Scotland, a beautiful place indeed!

Bon Voyage.