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So the new MBA cohort – named Dorain (we identify our intakes by specific Scottish names and this year’s full-time cohort is named after the Scottish Mountain Ben Dorain) –  has started and been thrown in at the deep end with a number of personal skills development, group exercises and teambuilding workshops during the first week.

BlueSky Experiences is an award-winning events management company with locations thoughout the UK and a specialist purpose-built teambuilding event centre in Perth, Scotland. Last year our students attended a day of adventure sports activities there towards the end of their year and Dorain, along with members of the Programme team, attended a full day of team challenges on Tuesday 25 September 2012. This trip for the new cohort was to be a challenging day which would test their trust, support, cooperation, communication, collaboration and motivation skills. The class were divided into 4 teams and had to complete a number of indoor and outdoor tasks (in pretty awful weather conditions too!).

The morning was taken up with completing the 27 tasks of The Ultimate Adventure Zone followed by lunch then in the afternoon the challenges were Blockheads and Crossover: For Blockheads: each member of the team selected a card to discover their task. They had to collect a particular combination of blocks – trading and discarding blocks to achieve their goal as quickly as they can. Conflicting demands force each to decide how much to collaborate – will their attention be on their own needs or those of the team? This activity was designed to be reviewed and repeated during the day to improve performance. Crossover was an outdoor challenge and had the team divided into two groups. Between them is a suspended rectangle. The objective of the exercise is for each group to swap places with the other by going through the rectangle. Their task is aided with the use of planks and wooden blocks, which they can use to form bridges.

An intensive, tiring but fun day for all and of course there were winners and losers:

The Winners

2nd place

3rd place

4th place (and winners of the wooden spoon!)