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So it began. A roller coaster of a ride called the Strathclyde MBA.  Just a week into the MBA (Dorain batch), we were doing this Team building event at the BlueSky Experiences. It was about an hour’s travel from the Strathclyde Business School. As we arrived at the BlueSky venue, we were welcomed with a sky painted with dark threatening clouds. So, it was a grey sky for a Bluesky event (sense irony?). The weather was wet, windy and wild. However the thought of getting to know the multi-national MBA class better makde me forget everything else.

We were greeted by the BlueSky team with warm smiles and coffee. As we were having our coffee, the Bluesky team gave us the instructions about the different kind of outdoor activities (trust me, it is as good as a military obstacle course) that we had to participate in, how we had to brave the weather, the challenging course and what not?! At that time, I could sense the transformation of the cheerful Bluesky team into a dreaded team of military generals!!

We were divided into different teams (regiments?) and separate instructors (generals?). We put on our adventure gears (military?) and walked (marched?) towards our obstacle course. We jumped across high fences, walked on ropes, climbed atop trees, crawled through narrow pipes. We did all this and more (total of 27 I have been told) through the rain which continually smothered us. It happened at such a frenetic pace that by the time I could gather some thoughts, we had already reached the end of the course and were heading back for lunch. Back in the comforts of the indoors, we were treated to a delicious meal. It was time to grab some air, gather some thoughts and get to know people around.

30 minutes later, as I was half busy having a lazy conversation, I see that the military generals or the BlueSky team were marching towards the Dorain batch again. This time there was a small announcement about the indoor activities (Blockheads, Crossover) which were to follow. Both these activities were intensive team building activities which required skills like critical thinking, clear communication and team spirit. We were divided into smaller teams and briefed about the rules and regulations of each game. As the activity began, I saw that there were multiple teams in which people were trying to communicate in multiple styles through multiple languages. It was fair enough to say that the scene was a microcosm of the entire world in itself. I was glad, because this exactly was the reason I had come to Strathclyde to do my MBA, “GLOBAL EXPOSURE”.

We completed the tasks, analysed the way we performed as a team and learnt valuable lessons. These lessons, I was sure would help us not just during the next 12 months (duration of the MBA), but also the rest of our lives!! Of all the teams, some succeeded, some failed. But all of them understood that it was more about the process than the results themselves. We learnt together, from each other, about each other. The day ended with the knowledge that I, now, had made friends across 4 different continents..! A day which began with great excitement ended with an even greater excitement!!

P.S – I was a part of the team which stood 4th place. We didn’t win any medals (as there were only 3 of them); however we did win the wooden spoon (obvious)! I was inspired by the energy and zeal of the whole team and especially that of Shawn and Irene (both are the members of MBA staff). Cheers!!!