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Life teaches you many thing along the way, whether it is reactions, results or application. And just like this phrase we had our moment, moment of Teambuilding with the help of an event called as BLUE SKY.As the name says, this event was supposed to take place under the blue sky but in a fun way! .It was Tuesday morning, a morning with intense weather conditions when we all started for a place located at around one and a half hour’s drive from Glasgow known as Perth passing through beautiful landscapes and cutting through some resistive winds.

The first thing which I felt the moment I stepped out of the bus was peace and fierce weather. Unsure of what exactly is going to happen we were all made to assemble in the meeting room. With a brief introduction of the proctors we were divided into the different teams consisting 9 people in each. As soon as this task finished we were informed we have to clear the physical hurdles in a section outdoors. At first it took some effort to make up the mind to battle not only the physical hurdles but the weather too! But once we started walking towards the section the “Let’s Do It” approach begin to strengthen.

Upon reaching the place where different tasks were placed, it was confusing to try and understand about the task we had to do because it looked like a military exercising ground which was very amusing.

Soon our tasks were explained to us who were; to climb a wire in such a way that no member of your team falls down pass the tunnel, pull your team mates on a platform which was at around 2meters from the ground level etc. While getting the instruction about  these tasks, they  felt fairly simple but once we started doing it we all quickly realized that we need to behave like a team and demonstrate the following qualities as per the need of the situation:

  1. Strategy
  2. Sharing of resources
  3. Effective communication
  4. Risk taking/exploration of unknown areas
  5. Motivation
  6. Sharing of responsibility
  7. Trust
  8. Reviewing the decisions made etc..

Though it may sound very simple and standard when its written but once you are in that situation you are surprised to know not only about your strengths but your peer’s also, and the points I have mentioned above are the key factors with which a group can be termed as a team. These tasks/exercises give you a practical first hand experience of what’s the value of each and every qualities mentioned above. This experience is also very crucial since it not only tests your patience while you are dealing with different issues within your team it also gives you a platform to exercise your ability in a much more efficient and channelized way.


In the end it’s not about the physical activities nor its about something fun , it’s all about implying of what you have earned/learned in your past into the present and amplifying those skills with the fresh one in a more efficient and streamlined way in such a way that it could be implied in all areas of life.