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I would like to share my experience during the blue sky team building event which was held on 25th September 2012.

The whole day event was very interesting and fun. There were many activities planned for us. The first part of the activities was the outdoor activity – the rope challenge. We were divided into 4 groups and I was in group number 2. The rope activities were physically challenging activities, but there were really fun. Walking on the rope, crawling inside the dark hole, climbing over the wall, climbing onto the added plastic boxes, walking on the wobbly bridge and scrolling inside the net were some of the exciting activities. During the whole course of the activities, team work, trust and motivation were very important and my group did very well. One of my teammates gave a lot of motivation to everybody in the group to complete the challenging rope tasks. I still remember his loud cheering ‘come on, you can do it’. It really motivated us and of course made us ‘-laugh-’.  Guess what, after all the hard work for the outdoor activities; we earned the silver medal which I currently hang on the notice board in my room.

After a good lunch, we had another task to do; blockheads (2 sets). I was assigned to another group with new combination of group members. In this task, we had to complete the task given in the card using a set of hardwood crafted blocks. Communication was very important to complete the task given which was different for each of us. We need to identify and prioritize each other’s task and solve the task collectively.

The last activity was the ‘crossover’. There were four groups; each group in each corner of the room. We were required to swap location with the opposite team by going through the rectangle (in the middle of the room). Each group was given 3 pieces of plank and a string to put the plank in place. We put the plank on the wooden boxes on the floor like a bridge for us to cross and we managed to make our way to the middle of room where the rectangle was. During the crossover (at the rectangle), conflicts occurred where every group compete for the crossover to reach the destination. There was one group that was not able to reach the destination and of course all of us (all 4 groups) failed in this task as we were not working as a team and there was no communication among the groups to complete the task. Lesson learned but we enjoyed.

Time flew, it’s time to say goodbye to the trainers at Blue Sky. The whole day event at BlueSky was fun and memorable. This event provides a very good platform to get to know more on my classmate, it was a good ice-breaking.

BlueSky team building programme is just the beginning of the MBA journey. There is a long journey ahead to be explored in Strathclyde MBA programme.