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EIBE is a truly unique course. It has its theoretical material and practice application exercises like any other courses but it also has something more. You can go through its book and supported material, you can attend its insightful lectures but you will never understand what EIBE is if you not experience it entirely.

I was thinking, what is EIBE apart from the meaning of words in its abbreviation? What is it apart from the deep insight into international business environment? What else does it learn us? EIBE gathers a group of random people from different cultures and with different backgrounds. It gives them the task to carry out a project. After that you are barely supervised and almost not supported, there is no chance to change your group members, have a break or delay the submission of the project. Let’s draw an analogy. This is the actual scenario of a company, which faced with an uncertainty. Several people from different departments of the company which are barely know each other have to understand what the uncertainty is and how to deal with it to give the company a chance to survive. We are those people but apart from the real life when we can loose a job if the company went bankrupt, we can go through it and get the understanding who we are, what we worth and how we actually can resolve the problem. It is a great chance to realize your strengths and weaknesses, to broaden your mind and change your way of thinking, start to look at things from the other side you have never thought about.

EIBE is tough but by the end of the course you are getting the satisfaction over the process and feeling of the real value of your new knowledge.

This shoot was made at the end of the day after 13 hours spent in the room:

After 13 hours locked in a room doing EIBE…..

Enjoy your EIBE!