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I’ m Pietro, an Italian Student,

I graduated in “Institutions and financial markets management” from Bocconi University in Milan.

Attending an MBA is a goal I’ve set for my career many years ago.  Going Back to school after several years of international work experience is a very challenging choice and an MBA is a very important investment of time and money, I wanted to be sure of the quality of my choices. For this reason I’ ve chosen Stratchlyde Business School.

I wanted to strengthen my knowledge in core management disciplines in fields like business strategy, marketing or Human resources management. Strathclyde MBA is one of the very few with such a particular focus, a perfect start to build a strong foundation in business management.

In my job activity I’ ve been in touch with the most important global financial institutions and thanks to conversations I had with bankers, financial advisors and corporate managers I’ve come to respect and appreciate the high academic quality and the professionalism that characterizes Strathclyde Business School and this MBA  program.