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How time flies! It’s been nearly two months since the MBA course started, 3 modules are already completed and the exams are already 4 weeks away (eeek!!!). How has the MBA experience been going so far? Interesting for the least, frustrating at times but it in the end you do get the sense of putting pieces of a prestigious trophy together.

The full time MBA cohort is very diverse; 13 nationalities represented amongst 33 students. During Induction week, we got the opportunity to get to know each other and the BlueSky event provided a nice framework for a concrete teambuilding experience. The event was on the surface very fun but it allowed us to explore essential building blocks underlined in effective teamwork.

EIBE, the first course with an assessment component, completely caught me off guard. The content and especially the process entailed for the course work were atypical. There is much more to strategy and scenario planning than I’ve ever imagined. We were put into groups to tackle a beast of an assignment. It was paramount to work well within a team for the successful completion of the assignment even if the team consisted mainly of newly acquainted individuals hailing from different countries and of various cultural, personal and professional backgrounds. Time was limited and we could not afford to lose any of it on team dynamics superficialities, we had to bond immediately. This is where the teambuilding experience during our induction week comes into play and I cannot stress enough how this has been salutary. EIBE teaches how to conjugate with uncertainty, juxtapose phenomena and occurrences that are seemingly independent to each other yet have an underlying relationship, to finally come up with a concise and plausible scenario. It is a truly unique and incredible experience. It is very challenging. I was constantly out of my comfort zone but I do feel that I’ve gained wisdom and the appreciation to remain open-minded. EIBE is emblematic of the Strathclyde MBA; you are taught to abstract yourself to see the grand picture, to see the clock and the clockwork simultaneously and to make the most appropriate decision.

ASDM and MPIO are more traditional in approach, but we are quickly adding more arsenals to our repertoire to be the better manager. The support for study is well structured and help is always available to get you out of dead ends. The pace at which we are progressing through the courses is quick but there is still time to accommodate for career development and networking events organised by the business school. It is all part of the complete MBA experience.