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SBS Professor Colin Eden has been nominated for the Economist Business Professor of the Year – you can read more about the nomination, along with comments from students and alumni here: http://businessprofessoraward.com/competitions/business-professor-of-the-year/entries/colin-eden

The Economist Intelligence Unit is hosting this award:

“If one of these professors has inspired, challenged and guided you throughout your studies or made a significant difference to your life, then vote for them today and reward them with the ultimate thank you.

Nominations are now closed. Voting is open until Friday November 23rd at 5.00 pm GMT. Voting is simple sign up for an account and then cast your vote.

So if your business professor has been nominated, or you are inspired by any of the nominations below, now is the time to help reward them with the ultimate recognition in business teaching.

Good luck!”

The deadline is November 23rd, so still time to vote: http://t.co/q2SVQgDA

Professor Colin Eden