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After two weeks of Managing People in Organisations  – essentially a crash course in the structural, political, symbolic and human resources aspects of organisational management – I felt ready to consolidate my efforts by putting some of my newly acquired skills and knowledge into practice.

Friday Forum was an excellent way to do this as it allowed us to provide our insights into a real management situation.

Four members of senior management from a new business area within Clydesdale Bank were kind enough to devote a whole day of their time in order to work with the while MBA group in open forum.  We were provided with the results of a real staff feedback survey in relation to the relevant business unit and given two hours to review the material and formulate our recommendations for management.  This essentially was the  same job that had been done by the external consultant to Clydesdale that had prepared and carried out the survey, so it was an excellent opportunity both for Clydesdale to get additional independent perspective and for us in order to put what we had learnt into practice.

After a busy week, I found the task slightly daunting at first, however, I soon became immersed in the challenge and took a lead role in presenting our recommendations.  I found the fact that we were able to come up with the same insights that the consultant had taken several weeks over within the space of just a couple of hours very rewarding.  This has been a great boost to my confidence and it has consolidated my learning so I will be able to actually put it into practice future.