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“Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy”, quoted Benjamin Franklin. And so, do I believe as I write about Dorain’s trip to WEST, a bar, restaurant and brewery.

A short 10 minutes travel from Strathclyde Business School took us to the Templeton Building in Glasgow Green, where WEST is situated (http://www.westbeer.com/) As we entered the place, we were welcomed by the Victorian grandeur of the Templeton building. The high ceiling, attractive architecture, chic wooden interiors, and beautiful lights were few of the many things that added to the whole splendour of the place. Inside the restaurant, we were taken to a detached room, where we met the owner Ms. Petra Wetzel and other staff who were going to take us on a tour through the brewery.)

Ms. Wetzel, a charming lady, gave us a brief general introduction about WEST. But, we being MBA’s, could not help but look at the WEST through the business prism. We asked Ms. Wetzel about her entrepreneurial journey, difficulties faced by WEST and the future prospects of WEST. With the amount of information gathered, I must admit that for many of the members of Dorain, there was a slight temptation to do a ‘scenario planning’ for WEST.

After that, we met an energetic brew master, who led us through the basement of the brewery, the place where the ‘MAGIC’ happens. Firstly, we were explained the process of beer brewing, revealed the different ingredients used in beer and shown different equipment used in the process. Once you combine these bits of information, you become a magician, one who can transform plain water into bubbling beer. It is that simple.

Post the informative trip through the brewery’s basement, we came back to the restaurant. ‘Finally’, exclaimed, few of the guys, the time to savour the ‘MAGIC’ of beer had arrived. First up, we got a chance to taste various kinds of beer brewed at BEST. Once done, we were served with the authentic St. Mungo beer and lip-smacking German style food. The dinner party went on till late in the night. The beer kept flowing and the party kept going. The happy times were truly here..!!

Thank you God for the love…