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MBA 2012 student Jose Valdez tells us about his internship experience at The Herald Scotland, at the end of his Strathclyde MBA programme.

“Something quite distinctive about the Strathclyde MBA is its practical based nature. In Strathclyde Business School students go through a collaborative learning process that includes managerial skills and common MBA theory. Later on, those skills and theory are put together in the strategy lectures as shown in the triangle of the programme. Eventually, students have an opportunity to put in practice their “improved” new versions of themselves while working as consultants with a real client.

MBA programme syllabus diagram

My internship was a second chance to test if my own new version was not only ready to cope but thrive in odd environments to my professional experience. The job was to lead a brand extension exploration to The Herald of Scotland brand in short time period.

A brand extension is a practical way of saving time and money while launching a new product. Instead of investing in promoting benefits of a new product, a new product is linked to the benefits of an existing brand. The challenge is to successfully link a product to a parent brand without damaging or diluting its image. Perceived fit between a parent brand and a new product is an appreciation that commonly requires a large customer study to be understood. Instead I decided to use the knowledge of the people already working in The Herald, promote strategic conversations and help them to obtain agreements of where to practically focus resources.

To do this I proposed a series of workshops based in the “Making Strategy” methodology developed by Professors Fran Ackermann and Colin Eden. Moreover, those workshops were full of “Marketing”, “Brand Management” and “Social Media” concepts. All of these classes, part of the MBA I choose for me coming to Strathclyde and selecting the electives I did.

Overall, the internship was an amazing experience to see myself as I wanted too years before when I was choosing university. The Strathclyde MBA was just the programme I needed. “