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Current Full-time MBA student Euan McIntosh reflects back on The Learning Manager, it’s focus on soft skills and it’s reflective influence on the rest of the MBA programme:

“The MBA course started with the Learning Manager, which is a one week module focusing on “soft skills”.  I was just thinking today that its not until you get the chance to practice during the rest of the MBA that it becomes obvious how powerful some of these tools actually are (and the rest MBA course does provide plenty of opportunity for practice).

The module took the form of a series of workshops on topics such as presentation skills, networking and people management.  The list of presenters who came to speak to us during day-workshops was impressive.  Many of the presenters were from external training companies who provide services to some of the largest companies and professional services firms – needless to say firms pay a lot of money for this, so its great to have had the benefit of all this during such a short space of time.

Having worked as a corporate lawyer for several years prior to starting the MBA, I am no stranger to training-away days, but the unique opportunity of the Full Time MBA is that it provides the opportunity to actually practice in a safe environment – that way knowledge can be converted into skills that will be internalised and retained, rather than forgetten as soon as the “day job” gets busy again.  The difference between the MBA course and my professional experience is that I actually have time to keep going back to the materials they handed out, so I can get into the habit of doing these things automatically.”