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Yawn!  Its 6a.m. at Glasgow Airport as I type this, while I wait to board my flight for a business trip.  A lot of thoughts are running through my mind at the moment and one of the main ones is the realisation that exams are literally less than 2 weeks away – if that doesn’t jolt you out of being half asleep then nothing will!

On top of that, we have two assignment deadlines coming up, so things are pretty crazy at the moment.  We met up in our group last night to run through our progress so far and to be honest, I think everybody is fairly happy with the progress we’ve made.  One assignment is done and the other one is not far from being complete, we are literally on the home straight.

I cannot believe how quickly this term (and the MBA so far in general) has passed; the weeks literally seem to blend and before you know it, its exam time.  We have the added challenge this term of having 2 exams to sit (Operations Management and Analytical Support for Decision Making) as opposed to only 1 last term (Managing People in Organisations).

One thing that has struck me so far is how streamlined everything on the course is.  For example, in our Ops Man assignment we are looking at why a particular process is not efficient by using one of the models in the class has helped us to identify areas of the process which are falling down. However, we have also been using some regression analysis (ASDM) and looking at how a particular member of staff is motivated (MPIO), to help us suggest our recommendations for improvement.  This has helped me to see the real benefits of the MBA; not a series of individual classes but a course which is greater than the sum of its parts.

The other part of the course so far which has been a real pleasure has been working with other class members.  The part time course relies very heavily on group work and I think this has been a massive benefit, both to help understanding of a particular subject but also to improve some of the skills we use in our day to day lives; teamwork, communication and leadership to name but a few.

Yes the MBA is extremely demanding; I made a conscious effort to ensure I did not underestimate the time I would spend committed to the coursework prior to undertaking the MBA; but you do genuinely get a sense of everybody in the class pulling together.

Flight is boarding in 5 minutes; better wrap this up….so in a nutshell if I had to summarise the course to date I would say, “so far so good”.  That said, I cannot wait to have what will be a very relaxing 3 week break once these exams are over, before term 3 begins!