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Current MBA Student Lee Yee Maey describes his recent experience of Chinese New Year this year:

“This year’s Chinese New Year celebration is very different for me; it’s my first time away from my home country and family. Chinese New Year celebration is an important and meaningful festival in the Chinese culture. This is the day when all family members gather, no matter how far they stay or work, they will return home for the celebration. We usually have a reunion dinner at home on Chinese New Year eve; many delicious dishes will be served. After that we will have a good chat with family members.

This year Chinese New Year falls on 10th February 2013, and I was not able to go back to home to celebrate together with my family as I need to attend classes here in Glasgow. Initially, I missed home and missed the moments when family and friends gathered and were having a great time. Even though I could not go back home, we had a celebration here in Glasgow at SBS. It was not a big celebration, but it was enough to warm my heart (and I believe of every Chinese in my class). Thanks to the suggestion of my classmate which with the initiative of our social representative and the support from the business school, we were successfully organized a party at the MBA common room on the 8th of February 2013. Prior to the party, we were decorating the common room with ‘Chinese Calligraphy’ writing, and lanterns which were hand made by my classmates. The room filled with the atmosphere of a ‘Chinese New Year’ celebration. Most of us (from Dorain cohort) were participating and we were very glad that the lecturers and school staffs joined us in this special celebration. This had made the party even more eventful and meaningful. We had a very good dinner that night and the foods were really good too.

I believe everyone of us enjoyed very much on that night and it was a very good gathering. We had dinner together and chatted among classmates and lecturers. We were like one big family having a reunion dinner and celebration. We also take this opportunity to celebrate my classmate’s the birthday. It’s a double celebration. We really enjoyed ourselves and had a lot of fun during the party.

I would like to take this opportunity right here to thank SBS for organizing this party for Chinese New Year celebration which was very meaningful and sure to be remembered. Thank you again to all my classmates, lecturers and MBA staffs who made this event a special one. Happy Chinese New Year and I wish all of us have a prosperous and happy new year.”

Happy Chinese New Year 2013 Year of the Snake