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The Strathclyde MBA is available not just full-time and part-time in Glasgow, but also by Flexible (distance) learning and part-time via our 9 International Centres. You can read more about our centres on our website but here, meet the team who manage our MBA in Zurich, Switzerland:

“The Swiss Centre of Strathclyde Business School exists since 1996 and moved to its current location at Zurich Airport in 2004 when Swiss Management Forum (SMF) became the management partner of SBS.

The Centre is run by Dr. Claudia Schmid-Schönbein as the MBA programme director and, at the same time, Managing Partner of SMF, a Swiss consulting firm located in St. Gallen.

Dr. Claudia Schmid-Schönbein

Dr. Claudia Schmid-Schönbein

The role of the MBA programme administrator in Zurich is covered by Brigitte Bruder, who has been working for SMF since 2007 and is the administrative heart of the centre. The students will find excellent support and positive encouragement in Brigitte anytime they need it.

Brigitte Bruder

Brigitte Bruder

The Zurich Centre is one of the smaller Strathclyde centres and attracts MBA candidates from internationally operating companies in Switzerland as well as from the bordering countries of France, Germany and Austria. The international outlook of the programme, its strong competence in strategy and the possibility to take electives in 10 different locations world-wide, as well as the unique opportunity for our expat community to continue their MBA studies at any of our SBS locations around the world is a strong selling point in Switzerland.

We invite you to join one of our regular information events that take place at Zurich Airport, for further information on our Swiss Centre turn to www.strathclyde-mba.ch.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Claudia & Brigitte”

To register for the upcoming information event in June or to find out more about scholarships, class profile of the Swiss programme, the SBS Faculty members teaching in Zurich, timetables and more, please visit http://www.strathclyde-mba.ch/