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Dubai alumnus, Koshy Samuel now works as a Global Sales Specialist and Business Administrator, Oilfield Services, with Schlumberger Middle East, UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia.  Here he reflects on his MBA experience at our Dubai centre.

When I started my journey with the Strathclyde MBA programme a few years back, I was  excited about the thought of going back to school again but, this time,  with older students.  I entered the programme, full of ambition  –  what results  could I achieve after my MBA? I was expecting that after graduating I would get hired to become a CEO of a smaller company or start a new innovative company or get involved with a World International Trade and Development business, all ideas rolling in my mind was unclear and cloudy..   Would I be able to cope with the requirements of academia after being away from academic pursuits for a long time?  However, all such doubts were dissipated as I went through the various MBA modules with each module enlightening me with some new ideas and urging me to reflect on my existing work practices and thought processes.  It really changed my life, my ways of thinking and my networking and connecting to the world today.. I have a billionaire mind today full of ideas and interests.. I keep saying  “There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them… Grow Your Business Through Community Involvement and Leadership.”

The most interesting fact was that there was no right or wrong answer to any question.   The two diametrically opposite solutions to any problem may be equally valid and implementable, provided such solutions are backed up with proper justifications.  The approach to be open minded and explore new possibilities each time and seek multiple solutions, even if these are conflicting with each other, empowers us to arrive at new innovations and make us become  smarter decision makers in our personal as well as professional lives. Today I find it easier to balance both my work and personal life.  After my MBA studies, I was blessed with triplets that changed my life beyond belief.

I encourage each one of our MBA students or alumni to reach out and collaborate to help improve the expectations and ambition of our future generations who need the guidance and support to take the right steps in life.