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I have been twice lucky in Blue Sky Experiencesfirst, as the New Year commenced, when the cohort was just getting to know each other. The second time around, when the cohort was nearing the end of its one year roller coaster, I found myself in its awesome midst again! Blue Sky Experiences are an event-management company located at Perth (not the better-known Australian city but a 75-minute drive from our School) which specialises in team-building events. Let me try to give you a sense of how contrasting the two days were.

On the first trip our cohort made to Perth, virtually no one knew each other. It was an overcast day (late September), extremely glum, chilly and windy. Though we enjoyed the scenic view of the venue, there was a heavy drizzle all day long.  Not quite pleasant weather even to talk of weather among strangers. All odds notwithstanding, we did enjoy our outing to the hilt and got to know each other better.

The second trip, however, was picture-perfect— a bright sunny day in June with friends who I had worked with yearlong in various group assignments. With quite a few of them, I even shared my personal liking for and preferences in food and fun and felt quite comfortable. Prospective MBAs from other Schools joined our fun in the lush green countryside of Scotland.

The day was filled with outdoor fun and games such as sledge-hammer throwing, aiming wellington boots into big tyres, caber-tossing etc. In the afternoon, we rode quad bikes, drove a Landrover blindfolded and did a bit of archery. I must say the pièce de résistance was Falconry where a member of the event-management company showed us how well-trained the birds under his captivity were. An amazing show of skill, training, management, and effect!

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this unique and unparalleled experience of team-building activities hosted by Blue Sky Experiences!