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Irene Aitkenhead Taylor, Career and Professional Development Manager on a Unique opportunity:

“Many of you will have realised that the XX Commonwealth Games will be hosted in Glasgow during July and August 2014.  We’re delighted to be partnering with NVT Group, the Official Technology Services Integrator for Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games to bring you a unique opportunity.

NVT Group is pleased to offer students from Strathclyde Business School the opportunity to join its team of ‘Players’, all of whom will provide  IT resource support on a voluntary basis.

This opportunity is only open to selected clients of NVT, as well as students from Strathclyde Business School’s MBA and postgraduate courses.

The Games will take place from Wednesday 23rd July to Sunday 3rd August.   There are over 20 different venues and many will be actively concurrent.   As well as providing support during Games time, there will be opportunities to get involved with installation before the Games and dismantling the IT infrastructure after the Games have ended.

Your involvement as one of NVT’s Players will cover all aspects of IT infrastructure and will involve working in teams at multiple venues.  For purposes of clarity, the NVT Players programme is not connected to the Glasgow 2014 Volunteer programme.  Your involvement will be directly with NVT on a voluntary basis and there will be no on-going connection with, or liability from, Strathclyde University, the Business School or Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Getting involved in the NVT Players programme will provide you with an insight into the planning and organisation that is necessary with large sporting occasions and is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Once on campus in September, we’ll let you know how to become involved!”