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“Ramadan” and “Ghabgha” are two words that may not be familiar to many but is very commonly used in this part of the world.

Ramadan is the holy month for our Muslim Brothers and Sisters. It is a month of fasting and prayers, the fast begins at dawn that lasts until dusks. During this period; no food, drinks or even smoking is permitted as part of Islamic Laws. At dusk the fast is broken once the prayers are offered with “Iftar” (a gentle meal that usually consists of Dates, water or milk and light refreshments)

Ghabga is traditionally the name of the main meal that is had once the fast is broken. This is the time when the family comes together and has a meal together.

Strathclyde Bahrain has been doing this for the second time wherein all the Alumni and Students were invited to be a part of the celebrations for the month of Ramadan.

It was a great platform for the alumni and students to connect and share each of their experiences at Strathclyde. This encouraged them to have more such social events and find ways to be connected to one another.

The event was organized by the Strathclyde Bahrain Alumni and the operating Strathclyde office in Bahrain at the Intercontinental Regency.

The evening was enjoyed by all with the array of great food and a live entertainment which had a Turkish dancer dancing to the tunes of traditional Arabic Music.

Just some of the Bahrain MBA students and staff who attended the Ramadan Ghabga

Just some of the Bahrain MBA community who attended the Ramadan Ghabga