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“What an amazing summer we are having in Scotland” – now there is a phrase you do not hear very often. The weather of summer 2013 has been special, breaking records and sending sales of ice creams through the roof. In my opinion, biased as I am, there is truly no greater country in the world in the sunshine – and the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond are a pretty amazing spot for a summer Barbeque.

The MBA summer Barbeque, at Ross Priory, is a bit of tradition it seems.  The grand house, formerly the home of both the Buchanan Clan and the Endrick Pike, must surely be the jewel in the crown of Strathclyde University buildings. The estate sits on the south shore of the Loch and in the beautiful July sunshine the majestic Ben Lomond towers over the crystal waters. What a fitting setting for the penultimate social event, to bring together the characters and nationalities of the Full Time MBA.

The Strathclyde MBA has a focus on perspectives and self-reflection. In retrospect the Barbeque confirmed the clichés and nuances of my MBA cohort. Kathryn was late and wearing two jackets, JS dominated the BBQ cooking, Paul was tipsy after smelling his first can of San Miguel, Crawfy arrived accompanied by two blondes, the only person who displayed any touch with the football was our South American and it was the Indians in the group that suffered with the heat!

A selling point of any MBA programme is the opportunity to expand your network and broaden your emotional intellect. The BBQ confirmed to me that I have made close and lasting friendships that will continue for years to come. This includes the administration team from Marianne to Karen, including Mags, Kirsteen and wee Ryan, and the careers dream-team of Frances and Irene. I was told at the beginning of my MBA journey that you get out of your MBA what you put in. To use a Glaswegian word, I must have put “hunners” in.

Ross Priory MBA BBQ

Ross Priory MBA BBQ