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6:30 am, phone starts to ring (James Bond 007 ringtone)…

Wakes up wondering who could it be this early? As I answer the phone annoyed to the very core of my heart, I bring out my gentle tone, “Hello, Good morning”.

The voice on the other end goes in a swift pace of words, “Hi Elvin, Good morning, Sorry to disturb you this early…  Can I submit the assignment by evening today? What time does the MBA office close? When’s my deadline?

That’s just how my day begins…  Shower, Floss, Put on the best suit, tie, cuff links, fancy perfume and not to forget the million dollar smile.

Now the question goes, why do I say all this?! Because I think many of our readers and administrators can possibly relate to the similar scenario.

At work, between all the paperwork and emails, the most interesting part of the day is when people walk in to the office and they go, “Hi, my name is Hussain or Abdullah, I am interested in the program, can you guide me”?

Many of these Hussain’s and Abdullah’s are not just my students but good friends.  I look around at my desk and all I can see is souvenirs from their travels, bookmarks, pens, notepads and the list goes on.  As I look back, I remember their first day in my office confused, petrified like a kid going back to school, funny how they forget that they are CEO’s, CFO’s and Senior Managers at the Multi Nationals.

They have one thing on their mind a passion to learn, to be better people, to lead a team, to bring out the best in them.  I see that in their eyes on the first day of Orientation and over the following weeks and months to go they make new friends, they fight with a few; and they have reasons and excuses to delay an assignment and through this all, we feel like parents and guardians; taking care of them guarding their every interest, putting them on priority to everything only to see them go away one day as Graduates, confident to take over the world. There’s a pain in our hearts as they walk that hall of fame with their families and friends wishing them their success, and that’s when we remember, how their success is ours!

It’s funny how such an overwhelming feeling can come from what we do as Administrators, maybe that’s why I enjoy what I do, maybe that’s why they recommend the Strathclyde Program to their friends and family. It’s not just what they gain intellectually but the family they make in here remains.

Signing off, excited for another day!…