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The past one year of my life has been exhilarating to say the least. Right from my arrival at the Glasgow Airport to meeting my fellow colleagues on the first day of MBA and finally hand over my project just a couple of days ago, has been a journey of complete transformation, both personally and professionally.

I still remember, with fondness, the first day of my MBA where our seniors had words of advice for us to reduce the number of pitfalls they had made. I listened to them with rapt attention, but didn’t use any! For, I had to fall on my own and realise that making mistakes is the only way I can learn from them.

Having said that, I have a few pearls of wisdom to pass on as well! Some of you might use it, some may not!

Time Management: During the course of the MBA, you will realise (and if you don’t, you are not working hard enough!) that you have an umpteen number of things to do and very little time. The key to managing your time well is to prioritise your tasks at hand. The good old checklist of ‘things to do’ with the most important tasks should come in handy.

Resource Utilisation: The Business School and the University has tons of facilities and opportunities waiting to be exploited. Facilities like the recreation and sports centre, the Andersonian library, the MBA common room which has a plethora of journals and magazines and The Union apart from various other opportunities to participate in competitions and events. I must not forget to mention the Todds bar where you get liquor at discounted rates!

Apart from the tangible resources I have mentioned here, you should also aim to cash in on the expertise and support that the Careers service at the Business school.

Irene (the Careers Officer) and Frances (Career Coach and Employability Advisor) work in tandem to provide the best possible career support to the cohort. Help with Career-planning, crafting CVs, and intelligently short-listing career-options is where Irene and Frances excel.

Besides this support, the School’s Careers Portal offers a wealth of information on vacancy sites, career tools and partner sites to which the School regularly subscribe. These websites include highly acclaimed signposts such as ‘Career Leader’ and ‘Career Insider’ (by vault guides).

Professionals from the recruiting and personal development industry regularly visit the Schools to give talks on subjects such as networking, strategic career planning, working in the consulting industry, interview process and building profiles on professional networks (Linkedin).

Being Calm: Thorough out your MBA, you will face many challenges (including writing academic assignments and facing exams) and new experiences. In such cases, you must not forget to keep calm and stay cool. This is not to say that you must be lazy and shirk work, but staying calm is a virtue that everyone must practise.

Staying Flexible and Humble: Working in groups is something you will encounter in almost every module in the MBA. It is essential to stay flexible and humble during group work since different people bring their set of ideas and expertise to the MBA. Remember, he/she has been selected by the admission committee because they have seen a promise in the candidate that you might not be aware of.  Having said that, you may encounter an odd free loader in your group which may try to disrupt or stall proceedings. Every person/group should have a strategy to tackle such people.

Pass on a Legacy:  Just like all members of DORAIN, each cohort passes on a legacy to the incoming cohort. The most prominent aspect of the legacy is to pass on a positive impact – on the business school, at work, in your community and possible every other role you play in life. As an MBA student it is your prerogative to make an impact and take advantage of opportunities that are available to you.

This is Hemant Chandran, signing off from the MBA programme. Hope all of you have a wonderful next year at the Business School.