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New MBA student Noordalila (Dalila) Paris considers some of the issues brought up at the recent Careers and Personal Development week (week 4 of the Strathclyde MBA):

This is me..

Gone are those days where profiles were pages long…come to think of it, does anyone really read potential prospects profile from cover to cover? With endless numbers of job applicants, a short and sweet (yet compact) and mind blowing ‘This is me, in a nutshell’ profile may be just what you need to hit the spot for a step closer to your future job. Several day’s session with Irene, Frances and Jane Barrett, has definitely helped in shrinking it’s length, but gaining muscle in content…and finally I’ve found it…my “This is me ” simply short and sweet.

Dalila Paris This is Me

In this fast paced era, where time and speed is of essence, your presence and relevance may only be noticed if you’ve found your way into the virtual world of Social Media. Yes, we’ve all heard of them before (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc) and of course, the majority of us have already used them,  but the question now is, have we maximised the capabilities of the platform and integrated the platform to your advantage? The session with Dr. Jim Hamill on Social Media has got me asking myself, how do I achieve that, without revealing too much, but yet position myself attractive enough to drive connections and  to potential jobs?  …Achieving this, shall bring me to the league of.. “This is me, in control.”

The Art of Showmanship..

Looking back at past occasions where you’ve addressed a crowd….you ponder and ask yourself, what style are you? A  JFK.. a Martin Luther King..or even a Hitler?  After sitting through a session with Marjorie Calder from Big Partnership, and having a taste of the various styles and impact of public speaking, from the icons…..the natural, pragmatic and liberal, JFK.. to the distinctive and inspiring, Martin Luther King….and to the complete authoritarian, Hitler.

The icons composure, unconscious ability to engage, control and inspire the crowd…definitely inspires you to pick up some trick of the trades on how to prepare for that knock out speech, and yet still have your message coming straight from the heart. However, in that frenzy of preparing for that knock out speech, the challenge is always in finding what combination of style and techniques defines you, your values and your brand.