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So here I am again at the airport – its 6.07am as I write this and about to board another red-eye flight with work.  Things have gotten pretty manic since my last blog post; primarily because I was fortunate enough to get a promotion back in August….and I think I only have the MBA to blame for this!

I genuinely think that the MBA I am undertaking gave me the edge against my fellow candidates for the job; it certainly has already changed me as a person; both in my confidence levels and work ethic.  Having spoken to a few of my classmates, it has been interesting to see how many are in the same position.

The first term of second year has been another busy one; the last few weeks have been pretty crazy to be honest balancing work, MBA work and family life.  On top of that, we moved house a couple of months ago so I have been used to sleeping amongst boxes for the past few weeks!  The good news is that the boxes are all unpacked, I have a proper bed to sleep in now (though my 2 year old is still making it difficult for me to get a full night’s sleep…), I still have 2 weeks of holiday to take before Christmas and all of my assignments have now been submitted.

The last (and rather big) hurdle to go before Santa comes is the exam for Finance & Financial Management.  It’s fair to say this is probably one of the most challenging classes I’ve had yet but a very interesting one at that.  I would love to say it is going to turn me into the next Warren Buffet but I guess that would be wishful thinking.  That said, I was fortunate enough to receive a prize recently from the Dean for the highest exam mark for Financial & Management Accounting, so there must be a numbers brain in there somewhere!

Wish me luck!

Billionaire Warren Buffet (not Wes Beard...)

Billionaire Warren Buffet (not Wes Beard…)