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My first Scottish December: a storm  

It’s not all about studying. In many aspects of our lives as international students it’s about the city where we live in too!  From Christmas trees at the train station, George Square, and school’s library that I took pictures of, to Christmas choons, I thoroughly enjoy my first December in Glasgow, although it began rather in a unique way: stranded on a sleeper train from from London on my way back to Glasgow, midnight of the 4th December. I experienced a different aspect of ‘natural disaster’: what 100mph wind means to train travel. We have volcanoes and tectonic plates in Indonesia, but harsh weather of strong wind that causes casualties is something brand new to me.

Yet another ‘storm’

A different kind of ‘storm’ came to me later at the end of the week.  As I was hugging my Scottish adoptive parents goodbye at their home the Sunday before last, I was suddenly hit by a strange storm of sadness – I don’t know where I’ll be next year.  One year feels way too short to fall in love with people and this city, only not to know for sure if I am to leave them behind or being with them at the end of the journey.

A couple of close classmates told me, maybe it is way too early to let my heart be ripped off by this reality. Maybe it is.  But I knew I’ve made one of my best life’s decisions by coming here.  And I’ll do it the same thing all over again if I could.

Time flies when you’re having fun!  

It was the first week of last August when Edwin initiated for all of us who worked in Singapore, to meet up over dinner before we started the full time program in Glasgow, getting to know each other as classmates-to-be.  I remember agreeing with his wife (must be a ‘woman’ thing) that meeting each other that night had helped to sink in the reality that I was leaving the country for Glasgow, for real.

It felt just like yesterday. Three months in the full-time MBA program, we have covered the Learning Manager, EIBE (Exploring the International Business Environment), ASDM (Analytical Support for Decision Making), MPiO (Managing People in Organization) and OM (Operation Management) modules. Three exams last week and we were done with Term 1; heeding my mentor’s advice on the modules and exams, sleep deprived, group study – all done with full force of anxiety – had practically filled my last three weeks of this term.

I can say that I enjoyed being back in school; look forward to the second term on the 6th January.  ‘Till then, I’ll enjoy the break by visiting friends in the region  🙂

See you again, Glasgow.

Merry Christmas.

A Christmas Video from the Piano Guys to enjoy

George Square, Glasgow - Christmas Lights Switch-On

George Square, Glasgow – Christmas Lights Switch-On

Adapted from http://bibliobeth.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/back-to-december-till-we-meet-again.html.