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What time is it for you? To a good majority of people, it’s a new year – and this is the “reserved time” to make new resolutions.  But what really defines a new year? In truth a day in the New Year is basically another day.  What then has created the notion of putting so much importance into the calendar defined days of the New Year? Why can’t we make new resolutions every new day or every new week? The answer may be in the perceived measurement of time.

The measurement of time actually began when people started counting recurring events; cyclic processes of nature, just like the alternation of day and night, the passage from season to season. To the ancients; time was merely regarded as a process of natural change and they certainly were not concerned about its accurate measurement. Today, modern man lives in a world that runs based on the calendar and clock; so much that the movement of the clock now sets the tempo of men’s lives. The clock orders their actions and movements- and modern-day man has seemingly become the servant of the concept of time which they themselves have created, and most are held in fear – of time running out on them – like Frankenstein by their own monster.

This shouldn’t be so. Mechanical time ought to be relegated to its true function – which really is a means of reference and co-ordination. Complete liberty implies freedom from the tyranny of abstractions and from the generalized rule of men. We should once more return to a balanced view of life no longer dominated by the “worship” of the clock and calendar but defined by things more important.  Leadership today therefore demands for persons who are able to redefine their time and reframe their thinking- who would begin to live life not controlled or defined by the counting of the calendar and the clock but defined in terms of real achievements, positive impact and sustainable values. Every new goal reached and everything that we do in making the world an improved place, in making higher profits for our organizations, in making things better – improving and ensuring positive growth and development wherever we find ourselves; these are the things we ought to measure our days by. What time is for you?