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Thinking of doing an MBA part time?

I began an MBA at Strathclyde in Sept 2013 (PT route).  With my first semester complete and a Class Committee Meeting tonight I’ve been reflecting on the MBA so far.  For me the decision to undertake an MBA was difficult to make and to a degree involved a ‘leap of faith’.  I wanted to share my experience in the hope it will help someone faced with the same decision.

Research, open days and the MBA handbook gave me a vital understanding of the Strathclyde MBA.  As my excitement was building I realised so to was a feeling of trepidation.  I was sure the MBA was right for me but was I right for the MBA?  In particular I had two concerns – could I handle the workload and was my professional experience sufficient.

Semester one of the MBA (PT) involved a very high workload.  I had planned for 15 hours per week and with lectures, core reading, two assignments and exam preparation this was a minimum.  With less academic experience than most, a challenging full time job and a young family I found managing the workload a challenge – though not insurmountable!  I can honestly say completing semester one ranks as one of my greatest personal achievements.  Yes it is hard but it is also attainable.

My class ‘Nave’ consists of public, private and third party workers, some with 30 years experience and some with only a few.  With varying levels of education, skills and specializations the group provides a myriad of backgrounds yet the shared experience of participating in the MBA truly unites the class.  By the end of week one I knew my peers and the teaching staff.  Importantly I felt very comfortable on the course with a realisation my trepidation about professional experience had been misplaced.

If I could go back 12 months and give myself some advice I would say “have belief in yourself”.  Reading the handbook, attending open days and speaking with staff is important to fully understand the Strathclyde MBA.  The hours are long and the workload high yet both are surpassed by the feeling of accomplishment.  Professional experience is important though not in gaining acceptance within the class rather as an opportunity for personal reflection on your own individual readiness for an MBA.  The shared experience of studying an MBA not only offers a learning opportunity but a supportive network throughout the course.

Now for semester two!


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