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As the core taught classes of the MBA programme come to an end (after Easter, the Focus is on the Strategic Management for Sustainable Success modules, electives and final project), current Full-Time MBA student John (Jay) Manton reflects:

It has felt like a long year, or does it felt like it just started?!? Either way, as the 2013-14 full-time Ben Eibhinn MBA students wrap up their last finals of their program, there is a sense of accomplishment. For some of us it is a terrifying experience to write finals. It could be you are not a math orientated person and prefer to write essays to get your point across, or it could be the opposite and can’t write essays to save your life. I’m the latter.

This is why we are all here, improve our weaknesses, teach our strengths and better ourselves by learning new concepts to fill some of the holes you were not getting in your professional career. The MBA presents a well-rounded view of tools and skills that are needed in the business environment. Some may argue it is too theoretical, but my thought is that is why we are here. If you could have got all the theoretical knowledge from the practical experience of your last job, why would you be here? Most companies have the processes set out the way they want things completed and there is a little wiggle room to personalize it. Understanding what you are doing on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, and how it all ties together in an organisation is not intuitive to most people. With this milestone of the core courses completed, I feel more confident to be able to put these pieces together.

These fundamental courses have highlighted areas that I still need to develop beyond the program to continue to grow my career to the next level. The MBA has allowed me time to step back and reflect on my previous experience. During that reflection I recalled a conversation with a colleague years ago….. I was expressing my amazement of how one of the supervisors always knew what was going on in the field and/or had a solution to a problem. My colleague said to me, “Who Radical Radke, ya because he has screwed everything up at least twice!” Basically saying, you get your most learning from when you try hard and make mistakes.

Throughout the first half of the MBA I have used this moto to stretch my experience to gain the maximum learning from it. You cannot be afraid to make mistakes, especially in this learning environment because this is the best place to make your first mistake. I like to think between my work experience and MBA I have built enough knowledge to get myself into trouble and hopefully now I have enough to also get out of it.
Congrats to Ben Eibhinn for completing the fundamental courses and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there during the Strategy courses and make a mistake. We will all get through this together.

Ben Eibhinn

Ben Eibhinn