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In between classes, assignments, group work, exams, looking ahead to electives and projects plus planning their post-MBA Careers, our MBAs do manage to find *some* downtime. Here, current Full-Time MBA student Xinyi Ong from Malaysia, shares some of her favourite moments so far…

Time flies. Term 2 has now come to the end. Here are some fun and memorable moments during our 2nd term despite being busy with studies and assignments!

1) Burns Night
Burns night is celebrated annually in Scotland to commemorate the life of a bard (poet) Robert Burns. He is best known with his work “Auld Land Syne”. SBS had organized this event on 23rd January 2014 and MBA students are invited to participate in reciting the poems.

One of the Full Time students, Mauricio, from Peru, presented us with his recital of the famous Burns’ poem, Address to a Haggis:

Our traditional Scottish dish, Haggis was served during the event too. This is a must-try food if you are here in Scotland!

Haggis, Neeps and Tatties!

Haggis, Neeps and Tatties!

Group photo for the night! We would like to extend our special thanks to SBS for introducing us this meaningful night.

Xinyi blog post 2

2) Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner
Chinese New Year is one of the most important festivals for the Chinese community. According to the lunar calendar, this year is the year of the Horse, and 1st day of CNY falls on 31 January 2014. It is part of the Chinese culture to have a reunion dinner on CNY’s eve for the purpose of bringing family members together in spite of work or studies. The feast is always well prepared and sumptuous as it signifies abundance and prosperity for the upcoming year. We organized our very own unique reunion dinner on 29 January 2014 at one of Glasgow’s famous Chinese Restaurants, Loon Fung, to celebrate this auspicious festival.

It is one of the Chinese customs to have dumplings during the Chinese New Year. Our course-mate, Xuguang, from Beijing China, taught us how to make dumplings and shared with us some Chinese superstitions.

Xinyi blog post dumplings

8 dishes were served during the night, included Peking roasted duck, sea bass fish, scallop, ma po tofu, sam bai chicken and etc. Delicious!

Xinyi blog post 3
We had a karaoke session after our splendid dinner. It is surprised to find out that we have many talented singers in our class. We were fully entertained by our course-mates with their amazing voices.
P/s: Pim, our course-mate from Thailand, really rocks!

Xinyi blog post 4

All of us wore red outfits because red represents prosperity, fortune and luck, according to the Chinese. The food and the entertainment (karaoke session) were awesome. It was an unforgettable experience for all of us as we had a chance to spend our Chinese New Year with friends from 17 different countries.

Xinyi blog post 4

3) Ski event
Despite having a sumptuous feast, we never forget to take some sport sessions too. Jay has actively helped us in organizing a ski event and shared with us his experiences in skiing. For most of us who come from tropical countries, this is our first time having a chance to try skiing. Our lesson started off with some skiing tips and basic technique on how to ski, such as snowplow. It looked easy when the instructor showed us how to snowplow; unfortunately, it is not easy for us to do it correctly. During our first try, most of us had our skis crossed over each other, tangled up and fall down!

Xinyi blog post 5

Falling down does not demotivate us or stop us from keep on trying. We learnt many skiing tips from our instructors and also from our friends who are good at skiing. It was really an amazing lesson with great laughs for all of us!

Xiyi blog post 6