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Part-Time MBA student Audrey Keenan reflects on Semester 2…

Where has the time gone? I never knew ten weeks could pass so quickly!
Having left school and gone straight for an office career, you have no idea how delighted I was to be accepted on the Strathclyde MBA part time course. I have worked in the same industry for twenty one years, experiencing many changes some good and some not so good. I have always believed ‘change is good’, we must experience both good and bad to prepare us for future events and challenges.

I knew the course would be challenging so I prepared myself as much as possible and although the staff advise everyone that the first semester will be the most difficult, I don’t think I could have prepared myself for what was ahead. Once I had overcome the mass of reading, researching for assignments, preparing for exams not to mention working full time I feel I have finally found some kind of balance. Most importantly is family and friend support, if you have them on board then life is so much simpler.

All of the subjects so far have been very interesting and the teaching is excellent. There have been times when sitting in class someone has said “If we did that it would save time or solve an issue or demonstrate a smoother process”. The support from the administration department, librarians and the lecturers themselves is exceptional as all are very accommodating.

Part time was definitely the best option for me – to be part of a group of people learning from each other. The part time students are a good mix from various career backgrounds and at different levels within small companies to large global organisations, from the private sector, the public sector as well as the third sector. As we work in groups to complete assignments there is always different points of view and the occasional curve ball thrown in for good measure!

Overall the MBA so far has given me a better understanding about the organisation I work for. Although I have had exposure to most departments within the organisation, working on a number of projects, I am still learning and understanding the industry I have worked in for such a long time.

I am now preparing for the third semester Financial & Management Accounting and Marketing Management. I have only dipped my toe in finance so this will be very interesting time!

Here goes another quick 10 weeks!