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There are few decisions you will make which have such a life changing effect as embarking on an MBA. As someone on their first year the part-time course I thought I would share my own experience for anyone considering taking the plunge!

Firstly, I won’t tell you what my wife said when I suddenly announced my grand plan which involved me leaving my job to work part time while self-funding an MBA at Strathclyde. Luckily once we discussed it, we both agreed that this was an investment in our future and it would more than pay for itself in the long run. Although the promise of a trip to Florida with the kids after graduation probably helped get her onside as well!

Sometimes in life you are struck with a moment of clarity and for me it was just the perfect opportunity to do something I had been promising myself for the last 10 years. Each year that past it looked more and more unlikely that it would happen. A marriage, mortgage, 2 young children and a demanding job all made it easier to put off.
Having now made such a major decision I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Don’t get me wrong, it is serious commitment and you will need to make sacrifices along the way but the positives far outweigh the negatives. Late night classes and long intense periods of study are hard going but are soon replaced with the elation of handing in your completed essays or finishing exams. On the home front, my kids love the extra attention I pay them just now with trips to the cinema, the park and the local soft-play whenever we get the chance. I find I make the most of whatever time I have with them now, which I couldn’t have said before.

Strathclyde’s MBA programme is the 4th best in the UK and once you are here you will appreciate the truly world class education you are receiving. I have lost count of the number of ex Strathclyde MBA student’s I have met since joining the course who speak so highly of the experience and how much it has helped their careers.
My journey has already begun, and as I move into the final semester of my 1st year I am so glad I made the decision. So why not take the plunge, you won’t regret it!