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After the busy examination period and the semester break, we started the last exciting semester with this subject – Entrepreneurial Management & Leadership. I have to admit that before I came to MBA Strathclyde. I did not know much about Entrepreneurship and it seems to be the topic I am not familiar with. However, after the class ended within a week, I found this subject enlightens cutting-edge ideas from many videos professors showed us in class and how the question he asked to encourage entrepreneurial characteristics in us. The question is for example ‘Are the entrepreneurial made or born?’ Actually there is no correct answer and we cannot define entrepreneurs since they are diverse.

Another day we got guest speaker – Chris Wilkinson who works in the aviation & aerospace industry, he introduced many projects he is involved in currently. The most interesting one is Project ARA http://www.theverge.com/2014/4/15/5615880/building-blocks-how-project-ara-is-reinventing-the-smartphone This project’s concept is really amazing cause what they invented is a block cellphone which can be parted separately. It is new innovation that can rock the world. The entrepreneurial characteristics are that those who never stop challenging to create new idea and the most important is that the failure is acceptable in this circumstance.

The assignment we assigned is quite practical. As a group, we chose one company the we considered has an entrepreneurial culture within the company and analyse how the company is entrepreneurial using the theatrical models and concepts. Even through the process of selecting the companies is also a learning process since we can analyse on each company we were considering. Moreover, we got a chance to exchange personal ideas on those companies. This is very interesting for me though.

What I reflect from this class is that although we do not have any plans to own a business in the future, we can use entrepreneurial and leadership concept in organization we work for e.g. to generating new ideas that could be improve efficiency in the working process or help improving products or services we sell in a new way etc. This can be very useful concept in our career.