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Name                         : Alberto Aguiló
Age                            : 36 years
Qualifications         : MBA, University of Strathclyde 2013.
Job title                     : Finance and Administration Manager
Employer                   : IMPSA CHINA  

One of the philosophies in life that I truly believe is that, education is an endless pursuit. That is why from the moment I started my professional career; I knew that I would be embarking on an MBA programme sooner or later. It was when I was working for French Company in Argentina that I had the opportunity to do an MBA from Strathclyde, through the Malaysia centre when I was relocated there. It was not really what I imagined it to be because, it is indeed a privilege to be able to do it in one of the Top 100 FT Ranked Global MBA Programme. Truly, that keeping my goals clear and having the strong motivation to achieve it is possible and in this particular case is the decision to join the Strathclyde MBA. Choosing Strathclyde was a natural and easy choice considering that they are one of the well-known and globally accredited Universities in the world and my company was willing to sponsor my studies. This decision in fact speed up my promotion as I was asked to relocate to another country in 2012, even though I am still in the midst of completing my MBA project.

I believe that having the sufficient working experience is vital before embarking into an MBA programme. This will allow you to have a better understanding on the concepts learned and how it will be more effective in your working life. I took the programme in a part-time mode, which means joggling between studies and work… it is quite tough, but it is amazing how fast you can grow and get the required knowledge by combining these two.Be aware that you may have to sacrifice your time for other activities if you really want to take full advantage of the MBA. There is indeed no bigger satisfaction than achieving goals that demand to go the extra mile and with dedication and effort, the prize is invaluable…

Doing the MBA with Strathclyde also increased my network, which is equally important in contributing to ones future professional path. I would say that one of the most important take home in the whole process of my MBA study is the feeling of security and confidence in the decisions that I made, also acquiring new management knowledge and develop skills that supports every step that I take in my position at work and life.

Currently I am working for an MNC focusing in renewable energy. We have worldwide presence and our main markets are Latin America and Asia. My current position is related to finance, legal and accounts matters and also on special projects such as M&A and reengineering of branches. People of great diversity form my team; from different countries, cultures and religions, and doing the MBA helped me to cope and achieve better level of management to improve my relationship of all the members of the group.

My piece of advice is that there is no other way to achieve a goal than acting on it. So, if you really feel and think that an MBA is something you want to achieve in your life to help you with your career, don’t waste your time and move forward to get it now.

Alberto Aguilo and family

Alberto Aguilo and family