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This month the various flexible and part-time learning cohorts gathered in Glasgow for Dr Michael Marck’s intensive weekend on ‘Marketing Management’.

Well, it’s been three days since said seminar, and my brain is still on branding, B2B and buzz words. It’s safe to say Michael’s ability to bring this subject to life with innovative examples and practical exercises ensured the post-lunch slump was safely swerved. For flexi and part time students it’s often a painful thought to have a full week at work, followed by a whole load of lectures. The hardest part can often be keeping your concentration long enough to retain any of what’s being taught! But in Marketing Management we could safely store away the Red Bull supply as the topic was brought to life with charismatic colour that turned most of us into branding boffins and advertising activists by the end of the two days. Enriched with real examples, input from marketing gurus and delivered by a leading expert in the field, the course navigated the group through what marketing is and it’s changing role, major concepts and techniques and buyer behaviour – all essential theory for business success in today’s world.

The less enjoyable part of the course was the pre-course test, which proved rather more difficult than we’d anticipated. It’s really important to fully read the recommended chapters of the text, and to do the practice questions before your one and only attempt (which is worth 10% of your total grade). It’ll be worth it, I promise!

So now we’re in the midst of the group projects, where we have to analyse the brand strategy of a tourist destination. Harder than you’d think when you’re overwhelmed with data to make sense of and a group based around Europe. One week in, and we’re very much embracing the challenge, working together for success.

So, my advice for getting to grips with marketing management? ‘Orientate’ yourself to attending Michael’s masterclass…if you don’t know the 4 P’s and all that comes with them by the end of it, you never will.