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My desire to complete an MBA perhaps comes from a different angle than many students. I currently run my own company: www.kagoalkeeping.co.uk and wanted to complete the program as I felt the skills learned would be directly applicable to the business I run. My overarching aim was to develop and implement a bank of business tools allowing me to drive the business forward. It was important to me that the course was highly regarded in academic and professional circles, and open to students approaching the course from different working backgrounds. I did a lot of research on different MBA programs and felt Strathclyde would be a good fit. I would never label myself as an Entrepreneur, I always feel this tag should be reserved for exceptionally high achievers; the Richard Branson’s of the world, but the fact Strathclyde is the Entrepreneurial University of the Year cemented my decision that this was the right university for me.

I am coming to the end of the first year of the MBA part time program, and although the content and workload is challenging, I feel that my growth in business skills has made it extremely worthwhile and very rewarding. Each of the modules completed so far has been directly applicable to the running of my business, with the combination of modules allowing a bit of mental gymnastics (jumping between analytics, finance, marketing, strategy etc.) to establish the best long term strategy for growth.

The first semester was tough, I felt like I was in survival mode for most of it, but the support network of lecturers, MBA administrators and peers on the course is a great help. The most positive aspect of the first semester is the huge boost in confidence once completed. There was the feeling that if I could do that and come out the other side, I could do anything. Speaking to other class mates on the odd occasion we go for a drink together, most people are of the same opinion.

The most pleasing thing for me has been the change in thought process, the ability to look at problems, issues, decisions from a bigger picture perspective, and have a bank of newly developed tools to tackle the issue in question. This was my number 1 goal when starting the course, and I am looking forward to getting me teeth in to the next section and continuing my development.

KA Goalkeeping

KA Goalkeeping