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Deciding to do a MBA is not something one can do without much consideration. First thing to consider is obviously the investment, not only the money but also the time. «Is an MBA really worth it?», one may wonder. Second consideration, not less important, concerns all the things you know you like to do, you´ve been used to do, but you won´t have time for anymore: cinema twice per week? Forget it. Watching every single match of Benfica? Not even in your best dreams. Night out every Friday? No, your liver will finally have a deserved break.

And the decision gets even harder when you have a background on/in journalism, without much management experience, and have just arrived to a country where you thought English was the spoken language until you realize that ‘aye’ means yes, ‘ken’ means know and everybody is your ‘pal’.  Struggling to make some communication with all my pals and not completely sure if a MBA was something that would make sense for a journalist made my decision a lot harder.

After weighting all pros and cons, and after a good persuasion from my girlfriend (she´s convinced the MBA will make us rich) I decided to go for it. I knew it wouldn´t be easy, but there was a good chance it was the right next step in my career. Not only because it will provide me with skills I don´t have, essential in the progress of a journalistic project I´ve been developing for a couple of years, but also because it may open new doors on my career path. The future of journalism is very unclear – one must have as many options as possible.

Eight months have passed since the very first class and I´m far from regretting my decision. I don´t know how much it will make for my career or for the wallet’s wealth, but I´m sure it´s being an amazing experience. All classes – without any exception – are opening my eyes for things I have never thought before providing me, at the same time, with tools that will certainly help me in the future. Although still on the first year I already understand how life changing can be a MBA: all I´ve learnt so far is already helping me understand and see organizations, people, the world itself, from a perspective I`ve never had considered. A much cleverer one, I must admit.

But the real big plus is all the interesting people you meet. I was lucky enough to end up in a class with so many brilliant people. In every single class there´s a lot to learn from the lecturer, but also from what all my colleagues share from their own experiences. I believe this is the greatest achievement of the MBA: in a small class room you happen to have around 30 people with so much knowledge and with so many interesting experiences that you can´t help it, but try to absorb as much as possible . There are not many places in the world, many occasions in your life where you have the chance to be part of something so unique.  I still have two years more to enjoy it. I plan to do so!