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Name               : Wong Foot Yow
Age                  : 38
Qualifications : MBA, University of Strathclyde, 2012
Job title           : Director

I have heard many say that the path chosen by an entrepreneur is a difficult one. The business environment is harsh and the added uncertainties attributed to an entrepreneur such as securing funds, building a new business, acquiring customers and creating trust, makes the journey of an entrepreneur even harder.

Even more so for technopreneurs, who have no inkling on what drives a business but instead, motivated by their love of technology and the need for sharing it. Together with two other techies, we have had our share of discovering, experimenting and struggling to find a good mix and balance to grow our business. It is very much like three blind men trying to describe what an elephant looks like.

Hence, it was logical to try to gain a deeper understanding of how businesses work and acquire the knowledge for guiding a business by learning through an MBA programme. I was seeking for an MBA that could provide me with key knowledge of how businesses thrive and the practical knowledge on how to grow the business. The search involved attending MBA previews, speaking with MBA graduates and looking at course syllables.

Strathclyde MBA with their focus on strategy suited my requirements perfectly, since dealing with uncertainties is an inherent part of leading and growing a fledgling business.

The decision to embark on this journey was not easy. I believe that a person’s time is an absolute figure. Part-time MBA almost certainly means sacrifices in family and personal time outside the regular work hours. When I first started the MBA, my wife and I were expecting our first child. There was initial hesitation on whether the timing is right for pursuing an MBA but the encouragement from my wife spurred me on and she provided me with the strongest pillar of support for completing the programme.

True, there are already many good online MBA programmes that can provide the student with flexible hours and opportunity to do it at home. However, a big part of learning is sharing and engaging with course mates who can work with you, discuss with you and even challenge you on perspectives other than your own. Whether by design or effort of the University or just luck, in this MBA, I found course mates who are very driven, lively, hardworking, knowledgeable and experts in their own field. This has definitely enhanced the learning experience and the contacts gained are equally valuable.

We learn science to understand how things work around us. Unlike science that helps us predict what can happen, there are a myriad of factors affecting business making it very difficult to construct a strategy to derive the most desirable outcome. The Strathclyde MBA provided a good strategy programme that teaches me the tools to craft a strategy to handle these uncertainties. The course is well-structured and the usage of real-life case studies has cemented the learning and fortified the understanding of strategy making. I am proud to have studied under the tutelage of first-rate Strathclyde lecturers who are thought-leaders in business strategy.

At the time of my graduation, my son was turning 3 years old. No doubt it has been a journey of ups and downs. Within these 3 years, my confidence in guiding and steering a business grew with every completed Strathclyde MBA module. The Strathclyde MBA has allowed me to identify my strengths and equipped me with valuable skills and knowledge.


Wong Foot Yow and family

Wong Foot Yow and family