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I began an MBA at Strathclyde in Sept 2013 (PT route) and last week completed the final exams of the first year.  Year 1 was the right kind of challenge – a long year and loads of hard work.  Three semesters, seven classes, six assignments and five exams = one big achievement!

Looking back I now begin to understand the MBA.  The classes offer a diverse range of topics with clear differentiation between each yet throughout the year these subtly blend and intertwine to create the MBA.

The assignments for each class present an excellent opportunity to explore each subject in more detail and to develop skills in the practical application of the theory.  Importantly most assignments are group exercises which, for me, delivered a better learning experience as my understanding was challenged by my team resulting in a better knowledge of each subject and a robust assignment.

Without experience of sitting a traditional style exam I found preparation a challenge.  Again the importance of my MBA colleagues was highlighted.  With strong academic experience in my team I was able to draw on their expertise and develop a study system which worked.  Writing now, without the pressure of an impending exam, I find myself poised to say I enjoyed studying!  It certainly helped increase my knowledge of each class and studying within a group built my confidence before each exam.

In summary – Year 1 didn’t disappoint.  It offered everything promised from interesting classes to academically challenging material to practical application of theory.  Year 1 has overshot my expectations in terms of the year group.  Not only my team but everyone in the wider year have significantly helped me challenge myself, deliver at my best and get the most out of the MBA.

Moving towards year 2, I have my own challenge for the MBA team – In two weeks time I move to London for six months.  With help from the MBA administrators we have created a bespoke timetable which allows me to complete as many classes as possible with my PT year group, picking up the others alongside the Flexible MBA students.  Well done the Strathclyde MBA Admin team!

Year 2 seems a different undertaking, with less exams and a slightly different spread of classes, all of which is sure to be another challenge!  (The right kind).  For now I have six weeks ‘off’ to pack, move and prepare for MBA year 2.